Is Kelp Set to Be the Next Super-Food Trend?

Kale has got nothing on this plant from the sea

Kelp is versatile, good for the environment, and packed with nutrients.

Kelp may be the next big super-food trend to take over the world, following in the footsteps of kale, according to aqua-farmers. Kelp is packed with nutrients and it’s especially useful in promoting strong bones and teeth. It’s not just good for our bodies, either. Kelp helps with our environmental issues as well, by sequestering carbon, and cleaning the oceans by absorbing excess nitrogen and phosphorous. It’s also useful as a fertilizer in farming. That’s more than kale can say for itself.

Farmers growing kelp are very optimistic that it will become the next superfood. Bren Smith spoke to the Scientific American about his kelp-growing operation, Greenwave, and why he thinks kelp will rise to super-food status. Smith believes that increasing the consumption of kelp is an “elegant solution” to some of the issues with our current agricultural system.

Smith has also teamed up with chef David Santos at Louro Restaurant in New York to include kelp on the menu. Santos also told the magazine that “It just makes sense that this [kelp] would be the next super-food.” The chef believes that the health benefits combined with the environmental impact kelp has puts it in a good position to be a super-food.