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According to FDA standards, TripleK is an excellent source of protein, providing 20 percent of the daily requirement in...

According to FDA standards, TripleK is an excellent source of protein, providing 20 percent of the daily requirement in just one drink.

NEW YORK, March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Internationally recognized television host Kellie Olver is letting America in on her beauty and weight management secret. Her TripleK, an all-natural nutritional supplement drink, packs a protein punch, delivering 11 grams of collagen protein in just one 60 calorie drink. Triple K feeds the body critical reboot elements to replenish, rebuild and restore the internal scaffolding that keeps everything in place, which means healthy bones and joints plus beautiful skin, hair and nails. It's also formulated to help boost metabolism, curb cravings, and crush hunger and appetite.  

After hearing from a doctor that she needed more protein, Olver knew she couldn't consume any more egg whites than she was already eating in her vegetarian diet. She was determined to find an all-natural source of protein that wouldn't add a lot of calories so she let the science lead the way. The result is TripleK, the only protein drink of its kind available on the market today. Triple K contains substantially more collagen boosting amino acids than whey or soy protein.

Olver notes that through her research she learned that not all protein is created equal. Collagen protein, derived from gelatin, is the main ingredient in Triple K.  Gelatin's amino acid profile is unique and not found in any other protein source. It is obtained from collagen and has a very specific amino acid profile consisting of 18 amino acids with unusually high amounts (more than 50 percent) of glycine, hydroxyproline/proline and arginine, all of which are critical for collagen formation.

"I use TripleK myself and absolutely love the results. It provides significantly more collagen boosting elements that replenish, fortify and rebuild than anything available on the market today," says Olver. "It's truly the best for enhancing beauty from the inside with the added weight management benefit."

The collagen in TripleK is Kosher, Halal and Non-GMO.  The remaining Clean Label ingredients are a blend of all natural and organic cocoa, cinnamon and an earthy combination of beets, rye, chicory and barley.  

Customers are already providing great feedback about the supplement drink and its positive effects. Many beauty and health spas have already committed to Olver about carrying the product for their customers.

"I highly recommend Triple K to anyone who is interested in healthy aging, younger looking skin, better hair and nail health, appetite suppression, accelerated weight loss and superior metabolism," says Dr. Muhammad Usman. MD, B.Sc., certified nutritionist, micro-nutrition, "A healthy drink with a great taste is a rare combination, especially for a collagen supplement, which is another reason I recommend Triple K to my patients and clients."

Olver has pared her Triple K with her ReNuture Crepey Skin FX, a cosmetic line, improving skin texture and delivering youthfulness day and night. The products can be used independently or as a total transformative anti-aging system for both men and woman. To learn more about the products, visit

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