New Test Reveals What Foods Your Dog Is Allergic To

Learn what foods will keep your dog healthy

At the end of a long day, your dog is there to put a smile on your face, a kick in your step, and a chew toy in your hand. They are there to cuddle with you when you’re lonely, loyally stay by your side whenever you are sick, and accompany you on endless walks to who knows where.

For all the little things your dog does for you, it’s time to help make sure your dog is as healthy as they can be. Just like humans, dogs have allergies to foods. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, this will be a lot easier.

The network has recently helped get one of the first food allergy tests for dogs to the market. The test is a low-cost saliva diagnostic kit for pet food intolerance developed by Italian research group called Nutrigene. The allergy tests were first tested in the U.S. and have been launched by American firm Hemopet under the product name NutriScan. You can purchase and learn more about the product here.


Help your best friend avoid the foods that can make him sick today!