Keep It Fresh Day: Using Hip Hop to Make Positive Change

Bonnie Averbuch

Green For All is a national organization helping to create an eco-friendly economy that fights poverty and pollution by building bridges between some of the biggest players in the environmental movement. These partnerships allow for idea-sharing, innovation, and creative solutions. In 2011, Green For All launched its Keep It Fresh campaign to inspire young people around the country to join the movement.

Keep It Fresh is a campaign for youth, by youth, from across the country that uses the power of hip-hop as a force for positive change in communities, and creates real solutions, right now. Since 2011, Keep It Fresh has found exciting ways to galvanize young people into taking action and transforming their environment, including going on tour with Wiz Khalifa and Drake, and traveling around to college campuses.

This year, Keep It Fresh has partnered with Ietef Vita aka DJ CaveM, an "OG" (organic gardener) representing the historic Five Points district in Denver, CO. DJ CaveM—an award-winning activist, founder of the Brown Suga Youth Festival, a Green For All Fellow, a music producer, and a vegan chef—teaches how to grow greens and the history of hip-hop, (where "hip-hop" stands for Higher Inner Peace, Helping Other People). Together, Green For All and DJ CaveM hope Keep It Fresh Day becomes a national initiative.

Keep It Fresh Day 2015 will take place on June 14, and wants to highlight people around the world who use food as medicine. To participate, take a picture of food as your medicine and #KeepItFreshDay written on a piece of paper, upload it to your social media pages, and share it using the hashtag #KeepItFreshDay.