Keannae Peninsula

Scenic Lookout, Beach
Ke‘anae, HI 96708


  • Great stop on the road to Hana! Cute little church survived a tsunami.
  • Beautiful views. Don't spend too long here tho so much more to see. Good place for a bathroom break also.
  • Really cool to see dangerous waves crashing into the coastline. Try not to get too close.
  • ! !
  • Next time I get to Maui, I'm going to forget going all the way to Hana and just spend hours here.
  • Favorite spot on the road to Hana. Eat lunch and enjoy!
  • Sites to see along the Keanae Peninsula include lava pinnacles, taro patches, an old Hawaiian village, and a church built in 1856. In 1946 this area was nearly completely destroyed by a tsunami.
  • Tide pools are slippery and dangerous - always keep an eye on the ocean as the waves are unpredictable.
  • Perfect place for a picnic lunch
  • Common place to fall and get injured on the lava rocks.

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