Katy Trail

Katy Trail (bt Houston St & Airline Rd)
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 303-1180


  • Great place to run with motivation in front of you at all times! Nice trail also!
  • This 3.5 mile trail serves as a 26 acre linear park providing recreational & alternative commuting opportunities in one of the densest areas of the City.
  • Hit the Katy Trail for a run to get your blood flowing. Dodge bicyclists to boost your adrenaline levels.
  • I can't decide which I enjoy more: Getting a great sweaty workout in while running the Katy Trail, or watching the other men do the same... -Chase, The A-List: Dallas
  • If someone says "On your left" they are clearly going to pass you on your LEFT using their superior speed. Do not move left...
  • Awesome place to walk in Dallas!
  • Bike, walk, or roller blade, just don't be that guy/girl that uses that shake thing while running.
  • No matter where you live in dallas, this is perfect for jog, run or roller blade. If you go on the weekend you will see a lot of other people (don't be surprised)
  • Not ideal for cycling due to shortness of trail and congestion (walkers, dogs, strollers,etc) and narrowness of trail. Much safer and can get better cycling workout at White Rock Lake.
  • amazing urban biking/running trail in downtown Dallas. Highlights are through Turtle Creek and uptown - perfect combination of nature and urban environments.
  • If you visit and of the Dallas trails, make sure you know proper etiquette to keep yourself and others safe! http://www.happytrailsdallas.com/safety-tips/
  • Support the Katy Trail http://www.katytraildallas.org/site/PageServer
  • Love this place so much. Grab your shoes and go for a run! Post-run Starbucks is right up the street!
  • Remember your water, hat,sunscreen n bug spray. If you have pets bring water for them aswell.
  • Don't be a Trail Hog Plse be aware of how much space you're taking up and try to keep Kids by your side
  • Great trail. Always a good experience.
  • Park at the AAC and start from the very beginning! It's exactly 3.5 miles one way and easier to track mileage versus beginning in the middle.
  • Katy Trail is a great place to go for a run!
  • Stop to look before you turn around to see for any oncoming traffic...like cyclists!

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