Historic Site, Military Base
Kastellet 68
København Ø, Region Hovedstaden 2100
+45 33 11 22 33


  • A place from heaven....
  • Dette er et af de f steder, hvor den meget flotte drossel, Sjaggeren yngler i Danmark. Du kan finde den p lyden (kaldet) - den siger sjag sjag
  • Great location for running.
  • So nice to walk here with family. Close to little mermaid.
  • Kastellet har bent fra 6-22 p alle dage.
  • Beeindruckende militrische Festung von 1667
  • It is forbidden to sit on the grass here :(
  • Don't forget to visit The Monument for Denmark's International (military) Effort. A really nice and peaceful spot honouring the Danes deployed to conflict- and catastrophe areas; current and deceased.
  • Best place in Copenhagen for running in a star-like shape... :-D
  • A very nice and peaceful place if you have to go for walking.
  • Great spot to bike and s get s good sense of danish history
  • Great running path (about a mile around). Stay off grass, though!
  • WHY THERE: romantic historical place
  • one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe
  • Nice for a stroll on a sunny day. Check out the epic fountain of a nordic goddess ploughing, around the bend.
  • Lots of people come here run.
  • Very very very nice corner, island and cozy world! beautiful photo frames!
  • Nyhavn'a yakn deirmen kalenin ortasnda yukarda burdan az bir yrle Kk Deniz Kz heykeline'de gidebilirsiniz. Resim ekmeyi sevenler karmasnlar mutlaka gidin
  • If you want to stroll around in peaceful surroundings, visit Kastellet. It's so pretty (in the summer especially) with its green grass and trees, and water canals. Very pretty buildings too.