Kasabian Frontman Tom Meighan Chats the New Album, Performance Scars & Why He Loves Jack White

Kasabian Frontman Tom Meighan Chats the New Album, Performance Scars & Why He Loves Jack White

You may not know this yet, especially if you're not exactly up on the music scene, but English rock band Kasabian (made up of front man Tom Meighan, songwriter/guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, bassist Chris Edwards, and drummer Ian Matthews) is widely considered to be the best act in the world—at least the Q Awards think so since they've awarded them with the title twice now (once in 2010 and again this year). That's not the end though, because NME has given them a slew of awards (including Best British Band and Best Live Band) and the Brit Awards awarded them Best British Group in 2010. All of this recognition and one would think they would be much bigger in the United States, but it may be in part due to the fact that they haven't really been focusing on the North American market—until now anyway. Before taking the stage at San Diego's House of Blues, frontman Tom Meighan sat down with me and chatted about where the band is now, their newest record 48:13, what it's like going from playing Glastonbury to playing small venues, and shared some performance war wounds. 

I'll be honest, I was more than a little nervous for the interview. With their music surrounding me in High School, I had lost track of their career through the years and didn't have quite as much knowledge of their history as I would have liked. Add on the fact that I wasn't sure which member of Kasabian I would be chatting with, that Meighan has a reputation for being a difficult interview subject and that I was coming from a funeral, and you've got a pretty frazzled interviewer. Well, whatever image anyone may have of Meighan being intimidating is pretty far from the truth—instead he's incredibly sweet, charming, easy-going, and funny. Plus, without him directing me out of there, I'd still be lost in the cavernous hallways of the House of Blues à la Spinal Tap

Mila Pantovich: You and the rest of the band have been quoted as saying that this new album, 48:13, is your most honest so far; can you elaborate on that?

Tom Meighan: I think in retrospect of all our records, we sound like we're born again. 'Cause there's no fear in it, you know, we just threw everything at it. We've just kind of hit a point—we feel reborn with the record.

MP: To be honest, I had no idea how young you all were; I just assumed with the nature of your career, you were all in your 40s. But no, you're only 33.

TM: Holy sh*t, yeah. I mean, I was 23 when we put the first album out. It's crazy, isn't it? 

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