Kampung Seafood 鱼乡海鲜火锅

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  • Nice seafood here
  • This is where the locals come to eat, as recommended by a local.
  • The 'ham tan har gou' yumsszz!
  • Clam steam with alcohol .. yum!
  • Mantis prawn stir fried salted egg
  • 1kg crabs for RM55 only, not big crab but meat was very fresh and juicy.
  • Recommended for mantis prawn stir fried with salted egg, steam clam (lala) with alcohol and steam fish. The Asam squid (sotong) and oyster egg was so so ..
  • Don't order steamboat!!!! Damn small portion!! Not worth!!! And they provide cheap material
  • Nice n reasonable price seafood! Try the fried zhu Cheong fun!
  • Assam sotong comes with generous amount of gravy. Excellent for mixing with rice!

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