KÀ Theatre

Theater, Performing Arts
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 531-3826


  • Get technical -- there are five stage lifts used to create the performance space and move props and artists during the show!
  • The shows title is inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief in the ka, an invisible spiritual duplicate of the body that accompanies every human being throughout this life and into the next
  • Insider tip, look closely during the beach scene - the sand was handmade from 350 cubic feet of world-class Portuguese cork.
  • This show is ridiculous! Best Cirque show I've seen. I'm embarrassed I even debated about going.
  • Committed to engaging as many senses as possible, every seat in the theater is surrounded by six different speakers to ensure a one-of-a-kind listening experience.
  • This show is visually mind blowing. If you are going expecting a carnival of tricks, you probably wont like it. If you are going to take in an amazing piece of art, you'll love it.
  • Great show! Was skeptical at first considering O and Love take the cake for big Cirque shows; however this show still blew my mind. Incredible stage production and effects.
  • Grab a Fat Tire draft before sitting down to the greatest show you've ever freakin seen. Seen it 4 times!
  • Good show that was shut down fir safety issues when a performer died
  • Disappointed with the show - stage is main reason to see the show. A lot of stage fighting and was disappointed in the lack of wow moments (though there were a few).
  • I've sat in almost every seat, so please believe me when I say that there isn't a bad seat in the house. I actually suggest further back so you catch everything that is going on.
  • Everything in this show is awesome .. The Story, The Music, The artists .. The Stage .. Everything .. One of the best Cirque du Soleil Shows .. By Far!!! ..
  • Am I supposed to have ANY idea what's going on?
  • If you're in the first 10 rows, expect the temperature to be 20 degrees Warner than rest of theatre due to all the live fire in the show.
  • This show is AMAZING! I am not one for artsy fartsy shows and this is NOT that. The stage is amazing the the performance is action packed. Definitely a show that both guys and girls will love.
  • Fun Fact: The stage can be rotated 360 degrees and raised almost at a 90 degree angle allowing stunning gravity-defying stunts and unique viewing angles that will make you stop blinking. Amazing!
  • It was my first ever show! I was just visiting Vegas for a few days, and boy am I glad I bought a ticket to this show! Everything about it was AMAZING! It far exceeded my expectations!
  • amazing! loved it
  • Take somebody special and enjoy a cocktail while you are inspired by this unique Cirque performance.
  • While Cirque in general is spectacular, K leaves something to be desired. I wish it didn't have to be this way but...

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