Justin Timberlake Shotgunned a Beer in Honor of America

Take a look at what the stars grilled up for the Fourth of July

You weren’t the only one celebrating America’s birthday with burgers, franks, and beers. Some of your favorite celebrities spent this Independence Day barbecuing, too. Curious about what they grilled up? Head to Twitter! Be forewarned, though. These tweets are sure to make you hungry.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Enjoy your BBQs, burgers, and freedom fries! 

I just ate a single potato chip & walked away from the bowl. There is no stopping my power. Wait, oh look, cupcakes!!

Fire up the bbq, put the jello shots in the freezer, tell uncle frank he doesn’t need his avengers glasses, the fireworks are already in 3D.

Happy Bday, America. Salute! *shotguns a Coors Light … Burp.*

@mittromney are we in the same place for the 4th of July? Come by for a burger. #LiveFreeorDie

America, I love you more than a fat kid loves cake. Happy 4th

Somebody grill me up one of these: