Jungle Cruise

Row 1

Adventureland, Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Foursquare Tips

  • Some of these skippers do this for a living; they're not a tv. Humor them and laugh and clap cause it makes the day go by smoother
  • Go at night for a completely different experience. (Keep in mind, going at night can be a little scary for the kiddos.)
  • If you don't love this ride, you're in da Nile!!!
  • Sit next to the crew member at the front of the boat for even more fun on this classic jungle adventure!
  • Watch out for Ginger, she snaps!
  • Laugh at the boat drivers jokes....if you don't you be left at the safari camp with the rhino
  • Go later in the afternoon, the line will be shorter.
  • World famous for being world famous!!!
  • Watch out. Queue is full of dangerous animals! ;)
  • Be nice to your skippers and laugh, they have feelings too! They do this to make you all smile :)
  • One of the beat rides at Magic Kingdom if you're a fan of puns, word-play, and wedgy jokes.
  • Laugh at the jokes! The more you laugh the more entertained EVERYONE is.
  • Don't awkwardly stare at your skippers they are doing their job for your entertainment so laugh!
  • Get the fast pass
  • Go at night. It's better.
  • Jungle Cruise skippers rock my boat. I'm a Jungle Cruise skipper groupie! <3
  • Jeep wouldn't start but the moneys got it turned over ;) - thx Tiff
  • line can be long on these classic rides, suggest. fastpass.
  • Totally different experience at night! DO IT TWICE
  • It's best to go at night. Possibly the best slow-moving ride at MK if you get a good skipper!

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