Best of the Jumbo-Sized Drinkware

A look at some of the most over-the-top, super-sized drinkware.
XL wine glass

XL wine glass

Starbucks iced coffee junkies' "Can I super-size that?" fantasies have finally come true. Not long after unveiling a new, streamlined logo, Starbucks has announced that it will be introducing a larger iced coffee size to its lineup, available in stores nationwide by May 3rd. Called the "Trenta," this King Kong of iced coffee cups clocks in at an astounding 31-ounces — that's a full seven ounces more than the current largest size, "Venti." And as the National Post points out, at 916-milliliters, it's larger than the average capacity of the adult human stomach (900-milliliters).

In honor of Starbucks going the way of the Big Gulp, we've compiled a list of equally oversized drinkware.


 5-for-1 Big Bottom Giant Beer Glass
Having to constantly get up from the couch to crack open a fresh beer can be such drag, right? Save yourself several trips to the fridge with this extra-large beer glass that can hold up to 60-ounces of fresh brew.


XL Wine Glass
For those occasions when you don't want to share your favorite bottle, this glass can hold one in its entirety.


64-ounce Giant Flask
Not exactly subtle, this mega flask holds a full 1.75 liter handle of alcohol — just don't count on being able to fit it in your jacket pocket for a quick swig.


Monster Margarita Glass
Looking for an extended stay in Margaritaville? Try this super-large 33-ounce glass. 


Extra-Large Champagne Glass
A large flute like this might come in handy if you're sharing a Nebuchadnezzar-sized bottle of bubbly.


Giant Mug
Prefer to make your coffee or tea at home? This gargantuan mug has even the Trenta beat. It's able to hold more than one gallon of liquid at a time — talk about caffeine overload.


24-ounce Party Yard Cup
A jumbo-sized portable party cup for the cocktail drinker on the go.


Giant Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker
Able to shake 10 six-ounce drinks at once, this is an item any serious home entertainer should consider having on-hand.