July Is National Ice Cream Month at Four Seasons, Atlanta

Get 'The Chocolate Bomb' before it’s too late!

The pastry chef at Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta has created a "Chocolate Bomb."

For Charles Barrett, pastry chef at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, a simple bowl of ice cream during National Ice Cream Month will never do. His creation, "The Chocolate Bomb," is a dessert that’s sure to wow anyone who’s lucky enough to try it. And even though July is almost over, there are still a few days for you to indulge in this treat.

Perfect for any day or special night, the spherical delight arrives at the table as if it were meant for a special occasion like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Once centered on the table, with two separate bowls containing a brownie placed before each guest, as well as a table full of sundae fixin's, it's all hands on deck as the chef prepares to drizzle piping-hot caramel sauce over the top of this mound of milk chocolate.

Immediately, the chocolate begins to cave slowly, before there's an eventual collapse. Seconds later, before your very eyes, the top of the bowl (which was clearly cast from a thinner layer of milk chocolate than the bottom), reveals scoops upon scoops of house-made rich vanilla ice cream now lying in a puddle of sauces — chocolate and caramel — to be combined with a rich and buttery, oh-so-chocolaty brownie. If just one word could be used, "sensational" is the only one that would do!


Whether it's for a couple or a small family seeking something out of the ordinary, The Chocolate Bomb is, quite literally, "THE BOMB!" Best of all, if you've got the time, it's not that difficult to make at home, thanks to chef Barrett, who makes the recipe and instructions available on the Four Seasons' website. And if you do make it at home, make sure you invite some friends to stop by and help you to devour it!