Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest Still Together — and Eating Well

Despite the rumors of Hough's celebrity crush, the two are still dining together

Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest are still eating together.

Yes, Julianne Hough might have a teensy crush on Idol contestant Phillip Phillips — you know, of the show her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest hosts — but that doesn't mean the couple is having problems. 

Even though Hough reportedly called Phillips "yummy," Hough and Seacrest are still going strong. The couple was spotted as recently as two weeks ago at Las Vegas hot spot Simon Restaurant & Lounge, where Hough had the red Thai curry and Seacrest had the citrus-braised short ribs. They later splurged on treats from chef Kerry Simon's Junk Food Platter, complete with cotton candy and Hostess cakes. 

Seacrest and Hough make quite a foodie pair; one of their vacations included a $1,200 meal in Cabo San Lucas — complete with lobster. (The best part: they tip well; the couple left a $600 tip.) Now, as long as their eyes are on the food and not on other "yummy" American Idol contestants, we think they'll do just fine.