504 W 24th St (Nueces St)
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 468-4473


  • almond yogurt is the best!
  • The Taro, Green Tea, and Blueberry flavors are the best! And it's awesome that they are open until 2am. The people that work there are super friendly awesome people!
  • They're open til 2am! Go at 11pm for karaoke! It's nice that they have parking.
  • Juicytart is one of the better yogurt spots around UT campus and one of the best places to chill. They have free wifi for studying, the main sports games always playing on TV, and even free karaoke!
  • The almond yogurt is the best! :-)
  • Hazelnut coffee flavor is really good, and so is the taro!
  • Taro love.
  • This place is hard to find if you're from outta town. It's in inside a mall on second floor. Tarty yogurts are best.