Judit Llop on Morlanda Wines

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The winemaker discusses her wines from Priorat, Spain
Judit Llop on Morlanda Wines

The winemaker discusses her wines from Priorat, Spain

Grapes from Morlanda

Morlanda wines

In recent years we have seen more and more Spanish wines enter the U.S. market, and in the video above we were able to catch up with Judit Llop, the winemaker for Morlanda wines. She explained what makes her wines so unique. "Morlanda is located in the southeast of Spain... We are in the DOQ Priorat [which is] famous for producing structure and really strong wines," she said. "When we speak about the wines, about the complexities of these wines, it's because these vineyards are very special."

She takes particular pride in keeping everything local and ensuring that the wine is true to the area that it comes from. "It was very important to preserve the identity of the region, to work with the varietals from there." Llop says the unique quality of the wine is not just from the grapes, but also because "the soil of DOQ Priorat is really different. The soil is slate."

To learn more about the Morlanda wines, watch the video above!


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