Judging the Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials

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Judging the Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials
Taco Bell

If you were watching the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl last night, we don't blame you (puppies vs. Superdome power #fail? No brainer). But since we know some of the Super Bowl fun is seeing the insane advertisements people pay millions to air, we've rounded up the best and worst food- and drink-related spots from last night. Fun. and Psy all got some airtime, while celebrities did their best to sell Subway, MiO, and Budweiser. Now if you missed Beyoncé's performance, that's another story.

Taco Bell: "Viva Young"

Best Non-Depressing Fun. Parody: Take Yahoo’s sketch "We aren’t Young," flip it, and you’ve got this gem. Plus, we want to be that cool at that age.

Doritos: "Fashionista Daddy" 

Best Costume and Makeup: We assume they raided the mother’s closet for this, but there are way too many prom dresses for this to be a regular household. And those tutus! We. Die.

Doritos: "Goat for Sale"

Scariest Pet: Goats may be adorable, but we would never want to get on their bad side.

Subway: "FebruANY... Hard to say..." 

Worst Branding: Stop trying to make "FebruANY" happen. It’s not going to happen.

M&M’s: "Love Ballad"

Worst Use of Santana From Glee: She’s not singing, dancing, or being a badass. This is a problem.

Oreo: "Whisper Fight"

Most Counterproductive Argument: Guys, just split the cookie. One person eats the cream, the other eats the cookie. It's a win-win. (Oreo wins bonus points for the fast turnaround on "You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.")

Subway: "Congrats Jared"

General "Meh" Ad of the Day: Sad, a little stale, not at all original.

Wonderful Pistachios: Psy's "Get Crackin'"

Most Overdone: Can "Gangnam Style" be over now?

The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood"

Most Warm, Gooey, Mushy, Sentimental Commercial: Even the dudes in the room were willing to overlook how unrealistic the ad was (really, a stray horse running through the streets of Chicago?!) for the look on the rancher's face when he was reunited with his horse. Also, horsies.

MiO Fit: "Anthem"

Most 30 Rock Grief-Inducing Commercial: Now that 30 Rock is off the air, we need as much Tracy Jordan as we can get on our airwaves. And Jordan talking about chicken wings may hurl us back into our 30 Rock marathons. 

Bud Light: "Journey"

Most Random Cameo: Really? Stevie Wonder, Zoe Saldana, and Bud Light? We can get behind "Superstition" in any commercial, but we can't get behind Wonder's laughing head over the Superdome.

Honorary Food-Related Ad: Dodge Ram Trucks: "God Made a Farmer"

Best Serious Commercial: This "God Made a Farmer" advertisement literally silenced everyone in the room. Beyoncé couldn't even do that (requisite 'Damn girl!" comments were necessary). Killer photos, serious narration, all only diminished by the fact that this was ripped from a 2011 Farms.com YouTube video.

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Drink Editor Marcy Franklin also contributed to this article.