Joyride Truck

Food Truck, Coffee Shop, Ice Cream
New York, NY 10010
(646) 450-1569


  • Joyride makes its commitment to the environment a priority: they use biodegradable cups and run the truck on a quiet, fuel-efficient generator.
  • Get the Mark Hamill. Espresso + chocolate + milk + ice = delicious.
  • Try the buzz yogurt for afternoon pickup with some great fresh fruit toppings and classics
  • Caffeinated frozen yogurt that tastes good!
  • Bringing delicious Stumptown coffee to the masses! It's good for my wallet but sad for my soul that they're not parked outside my office every day.
  • Try the Kubota. Three double shots of espresso!
  • Try the kubota. 6 shots of espresso with chocolate powder and milk!! Excellent coffee
  • One of my new favorite trucks! Good coffee and lots of local favorite sweets!
  • Very tasty coffee
  • Try the Stumptown Coffee
  • Me & my co-workers always look forward to Park & 26th Joyride Tuesdays!
  • yo, it's froyo in it's best blend! non-fat yogurt AND greek yogurt!
  • Not on the menu but try a small cup of yogurt with a shot of espresso poured over it. Delicious sweet treat that combines the best of what they're known for.
  • Cold brew iced coffee: Best form of iced coffee.
  • What a sweet guy working the truck in Park Slope.
  • Amazing coffee. Even better espresso. Very friendly service. Only here on weekends.
  • I went for a small whole milk latte. While I hoped it would be a bit silkier, it was delicious. Drinks range from classic comforts to inventive & service was great.
  • Iced coffee is as good as Starbucks and add a crescent for very cheap and an awesome breakfast.

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