Jost Van Dyke Island

Island, Beach


  • British Virgin Islands: Join us for a Painkiller, the signature cocktail of almost every beach bar within the BVI chain + taste of local island cuisine from some of the most beautiful spots in the BVI
  • Ivan's on Thursday nights for BBQ amazingness! Love to the Chinnerys, Callwoods and Fretts!
  • Corsairs a must stop! Food and drinks!! Think out side the fox!!!
  • Great food , great ppl....coco locos on jost van dyke
  • JVD is my second favorite place in the BVI's. Ask for Eddie the taxi guy to take you to the top of Jost for the sunset views and stacked stones. :)
  • The bubbly pool is amazing and worth the hike. Just be careful not I get swept out to sea!
  • White Beach is awesome!
  • Nice beach that's it!!!!
  • Corsairs!! No shoes no shirt no clothes !!! No problem !! Really !!
  • U want good food!!! Corsairs!! Is the place!! No question!! Often imitated never equaled!!!
  • Soggy Dollar Bar is amazing with an amazing beach. There are some Jersey Shore types but it's totally fun.
  • Head down to the Bubbly Pool for an amazing experience. Take your hiking flip flops & a swimsuit!
  • Pain killers !
  • Just walk back and forth from soggy dollar to Ivans all day.
  • Beautiful sand. Busy beach
  • Corsairs - best food we've found in BVI & Vinny & crew are great. Hendo's in White Bay - wonderful beach club and great people watching. Diamond Cay and Sandy Spit - gentle breeze & great snorkeling.
  • An absolute must
  • Lots of young people drinking.
  • It's great to take a day trip from Tortola to JVD. Make sure to hit Foxys or Soggy Dollar Bar and the Bubbly Pool before you leave!
  • This is my home.....ask and I'm honest

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