José Andrés' Perfect Fried Egg and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, poutine, plus a crunchy green tomato salad

Check out our editors' picks for the top recipes from food sections across the country.

NY Mag
If our SWAT roundup wasn't enough for your green tomato fix, here's a recipe for a citrusy, crunchy green tomato salad.

LA Times
Here is a recipe that stoner-food dreams are made of: Poutine, or fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Everything about that sounds amazing.

NY Times
Fried eggs — so good, yet so tempermental. Thank the culinary gods for José Andrés' expert skills.

SF Chronicle
Classic miso soup gets a twist with the addition of fennel and chard.

Molasses-y sorghum syrup is making its way beyond the South and Midwest, and this sticky sorghum pudding might just turn the rest of America onto the new flavor.

Chicago Tribune
Michelle Bernstein takes on Rosh Hashanah cooking with a whole roasted fish.

Seattle Times
Braised brisket and plums. 'Nuff said.

Kitchen Daily
Store-bought dressings are always a bit overprocessed, so incorporate this balsamic vinaigrette recipe into your repertoire.

Portland Press Herald
Mark Bittman's spinach gnocchi makes us feel a little less guilty about eating pasta (which, in retrospect, isn't saying much. Never feel guilty for pasta).

Washington Post
Football season calls for spinach and bacon chili. Just don't tell them about the spinach.

Wall Street Journal
Can every party, ever, have this gooseberry-cream-filled-glorious-cake? Kthxbye.