Jones Beach - Field 4

Beach, Parking
1000 Ocean Pkwy
Wantagh, NY 11793


  • The sand is kind of dirty.. There's garbages all over the beach people need to get there lazy asses up and throw their shit out!!
  • Don't bring sand to the beach
  • Handstands are the move!
  • don't swim out too far, you'll get pulled out to sea!
  • Watch out for Seagulls going through your bag :)
  • Muy bonita y limpia.
  • It was beachy
  • Airshow tip: stay close to the Central Mall beach (by the big flag pole) or you miss a lot of the stunts.
  • Do not swim in the water- I heard there is oil in it
  • Keep a eye out for the ladies out here. All are beautiful. Sexy sexy!!!
  • Gorgeous day and lots of space to lay out. Come down :)
  • Odd ball comedy festival
  • Remember high tide. Don't want to have to relocate mid day.
  • Having good time!
  • Smorgasbar-- local vendors, beer , tacos, truffle fries couches for lounging, pingpong tables, cornhole best thing they did at field 4 since they put in the blue mats for walking
  • Don't go to field 4 ! It's a hike to the beach.
  • ok elenceli adrenalin dorukta
  • Sunscreen sunglasses chair and neck brace. Looking up all the time. Lol
  • $8 to park on an overcast Oct. 5.... For shame New York State
  • Jimmy Buffet!' great show!!

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