John A. Daskalakis Athletic Center

Basketball, Gym
33rd Street (at Drexel University)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 895-1999


  • Dont come to the gym without putting on deodorant.... Girls dont like guys that smell like chinese food and axe
  • Remember to sanitize the equipment with the provided paper towels and sanitizer after you use them! Nobody likes stepping onto a machine and feeling somebody else's sweat.
  • Freshmen aren't allowed on the 3rd floor.
  • The 3rd floor of the Recreation Center is always less crowded than the 2nd.
  • new years resolution people won't last 2 weeks.... the gym will clear up soon
  • Girl look at that body, I work out!
  • Stay away from the heavy bag. It's mine; all mine
  • Come on Fridays between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for the new farmer's market featuring seasonal local produce from Frecon Farms in Boyertown, PA.
  • Congrats ladies! - Mary Kay H, '02
  • Whitney yoga classes on Wednesdays are the best!
  • Squats and Oats
  • I try to get in before 4pm. Its less crowded so I can do what the fuck I want without a hiccup of hesitation
  • Best time to work out here is after finals-- it's deserted :)
  • Reading while on the elliptical makes the time go by much faster!
  • Home of the Dac Pack!
  • Wear your Drexel colors and lose your voice cheering on the Dragons to victory!
  • This place always smells like ass and onions!
  • The cross-trainer machines, similar to the elliptical, but with wider stance have built in fans...amazing!
  • Skip the Monday Zumba a creepy old man likes to come and stare down your shirt
  • Some of the treadmills have TVs attached to them. It can help keep you entertained during long runs.

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