Jimmy's Bar & Lounge

Dive Bar, Pizza, Bar
1828 4th St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) 788-1383



  • This place has TV DINNERS. Yes, TV fucking dinners, and little smokies. Brilliant.
  • Get a beefstick for a dollar... mmmmm beefstick! :-)
  • Good drinks for cheap!!
  • Get the "TV Dinner". A little pricey but well worth it.
  • $1 Old Styles will murder you in the morning.
  • Hungry? Grab a Tavern Pizza, they the BOMB!
  • buy the pulltabs. they're great this time of year.
  • I totally got married here. They gave us free champagne is appropriate glasses, and the customers were happy to dish out marriage advice.
  • I love this bar!! Sadly though I am not a fan of the happy hour ticket game. You get a ticket and either pay full price, half or $1.
  • Great roast beef sandwiches for only $4 Have them heat it up in the pizza oven! Delicious top with Jalapenos!
  • Best bar ever! You feel like your up north. Also great ham and cheese. The staff is very cool.
  • order a bullfrog. it's kind of like a greenie, but stronger.
  • Cheap ass drinks always paid in cash
  • The Staff are so nice and friendly!!
  • Get the chicken or beef TV dinner it is only $89.99. Talk about a great deal.
  • Don't all next to the booth and stare at the pulltab girl. It's weird.
  • Three words: ham and cheese. They'll have it in front if you in less than 3 minutes. (via Scoville)
  • Ham & Cheese sandwiches are as good as advertised..pizzas too. Yummy Grape Apes if you were a stasius peep..today some guy named Frank bought the bar a drink
  • Bingo on Thursdays. Starts @ 6:30pm
  • Order the world famous Bullfrog and a ham and cheese sandwich.

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