Jessie J Eats Healthy on Tour

The English pop star enjoys eating fruits instead of burgers

While some stars prefer junk food when they’re on tour, Jessie J says that she’s very careful about what she eats, and avoids fast food.

"I eat a lot of fruit and a lot of veg, and I drink a lot of water, but I love my carbs. I don’t really eat junk food. It’s the only thing I’m not a fan of," says the 24-year-old English singer and songwriter.

But like most people, Jessie J indulges in late-night, guilty-pleasure foods. She states, "When it’s, like, midnight and nowhere else is open, I’d much rather have mashed potato, gravy, and cheese. That’s my naughty thing, instead of just saturated, mixed-up meat in a burger."

Jessie’s upbringing has helped her kick the bad habit of eating fast food. "When I was young, my mum, bless her, used to make potato wedges with little bits of chicken and put them in a little box with an ‘M’ on it and tell us it was from McDonald's. And then when I went to McDonald's it wasn’t as nice as what my mum made. I think junk food makes you feel really crappy."

Looks like standards were set high for Jessie J at a young age!