Jessica Chastain's New YSL Campaign: Fashionable Exposé or Accidental Nip-Slip?


Okay, we seriously love a good campaign as much as the next girl. When our favorite celebrities get all gussied up to rep for the brands we love there’s that little twinge of happiness that makes you want to go out and shop—partially because you want it, but mostly because your fantasy BFF is fronting the campaign (Jennifer Lawrence for Dior, anyone?). And we love Jessica Chastain, we do, but seriously what is with the half-shirt? We know it was Hedi Slimane’s doing, but from her last YSL images to these? We’re not loving it.

The photographs for Yves Saint Laurent’s Manifesto L’Eclat fragrance were shot by Mert and Marcus, with the scent's signature, purple-hued background and a partially dressed Chastain. Don’t misunderstand—she looks like a total knockout—but so far the new campaign has a little less class and taste than the first. Sporting sultry red locks, smokey eyes and golden bangles, our focus should be on her beauty, but instead we’re just wondering if they snapped her photo mid nip-slip.