Jenny Bakery (珍妮餅店)

Bakery, Pastry
Shop 42, 1/F, Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan Rd
尖沙咀, Kowloon City
+852 2813 8568


  • is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cakes, pastries, and pies
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  • As of April 19 '14, 5 boxes/day/person but 3 large boxes maximum. Very complicated and very rude. I wish the cookies justified the hypes and the long line.
  • The cookies are good, but I don't think it worth waiting for more than 30 mins, it became so popular because many people from mainland buy and sell it on taobao.
  • Expect to queue 3 hours on weekends. Limited to maximum of either 3 large plus 2 small tins, or 5 small tins.
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  • If you are from Singapore, there's a branch there too.
  • Butter cookies! When I went at around 10:30am on a weekday it was pretty empty. Melt in your mouth cookies! Worth trying but won't be back soon for another batch unless you're a huge fan of bcookies.
  • Visitor in Hong Kong. Tough to find the shop location. Long queue at the shop but the queue moves fast!
  • Seriously they limit the qty you can buy!
  • People are obviously here for the biscuits. We were told they change the design of the tins too. It's becoming a collectible series. Needless to say, these are the v buttery n dense cookies. Delicious
  • Nice cookies? Yes. Esp a tin here cost hkd130 n in Sg its sold for $48. 2x! Super nice until must bring trolley bag to cart back home like some do here? Definitely not. Maybe they bring back to sell?
  • I braced the negative comments, stood in the queue at 18 degrees for 30 minutes just to get these cookies. I'm glad to say everyone who got them only has raving comments about how delicious they were.
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  • Queued for less than 5 mins (weekdays noon) a China lady scolded for requesting an extra small box. Another lady scolded because they thought she came twice per day. ?
  • The cookies are okay but not worth the wait. Very very normal taste. Disappointing
  • Line is still long...but it is one of the best butter cookies in the world

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