Jennifer Love Hewitt Craves Cupcakes

The pregnant star indulges her sweet tooth
Hollywood Gossip

Most women try to stay away from cupcakes during the summer, but when you’re pregnant, all bets are off.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has apparently been craving cupcakes while pregnant with her first child and is letting herself indulge, according to a People magazine article. "Cupcakes seem to be a thing, but that’s always been a thing," the actress said. "I want to blame it on pregnancy, but it’s really always been my favorite. Now, I have the ability to eat three instead of one, which is nice."

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Eating three cupcakes is always better than just eating one, especially when you have a workout regimen like Hewitt. Even though the star is expecting the birth of her child as soon as this fall, she has continued working out almost every day. "I’m doing yoga and cardio and all of that stuff, so it’s been good," Hewitt said. "I think it’s been making a big difference in how I feel, too."