Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Fried Sushi Cakes and More Recipes

In today's Recipe Review, pork and apple pie, plus a classic pear and brie baguette
Jessica Chou

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections around the country.

NY Mag
Grill up some seasonal Romano beans to a charred crisp for a crunchy, fall dish.

LA Times
Pork belly bahn mi: you can't go wrong with this perfect sandwich.

New York Times
Fried sushi cakes sound kind of dubious to us, but it's Jean-Georges' recipe, so our suspicions about weird Japanese food are completely irrelevant. Make these.

SF Chronicle
Keep this staple on hand: a tomato sauce for fish or pasta.

Nothing's as American as apple pie, but pork apple pie with Cheddar is where it's at. For real.

Chicago Tribune
For your upcoming Meatless Monday, stuffed peppers with brown rice might just do the trick.

Seattle Times
Fresh pears, soft brie, and some basil are all you really need on a baguette.

Kitchen Daily
Make this concord grape jam recipe, and then make some foie gras donuts, and then give us a call.

Portland Press Herald
Or, OK, elderberry jelly. That sounds delicious, too (plus, bonus points for the Harry Potter reference).

Washington Post
Guys, did you know you can make mac and cheese in a rice cooker? You can. This is happening.