Calbee Recalls Potato Snacks for Being Very Slightly Wrong

Japanese snack company Calbee recalled its potato snacks for feeling wrong

Calbee recalled 140,000 tubs of Jagarico potato snacks for being very slightly wrong. 

The people at Japanese snack company Calbee are real perfectionists, because they have announced a big recall of one of their most popular products because they were very slightly wrong.

According to Rocket News 24, Calbee announced a recall of 140,000 tubs of Jagarico potato snacks, which are crisp, potato chip-like snacks shaped like dried French fries. The fries were evidently not fit for human consumption because somewhere along the manufacturing line, they were cooked with slightly too little oil, which meant they tasted basically the same but the mouthfeel might be slightly different.

The recall specifically affects cheese-flavored Jagarico produced on February 3, and the company set up a special hotline for affected customers to call for redress in case their potato chips were slightly less crunchy than usual.  

Rocket News 24 reports that Japan’s Internet users don’t seem too freaked out by the news. Some said they’d be interested in trying the slightly less crunchy version to see what the difference was, while other budding conspiracy theorists postulated that there was something much more sinister going on, and the “slightly less crunchy” line was just an excuse to keep the real reason secret.

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