Japanese Restaurant Offers Unlimited Beer for a Year

Tokyo restaurant offers 12 months of all-you-can-drink Asahi
Wikimedia/Rodrigo Menezes

A restaurant in Japan is tempting customers with unlimited beer for a year.

It does not take a lot of coaxing to convince people to enjoy a beer after work, but one Tokyo restaurant has figured out that offering all-you-can-drink beer for a year is a pretty good way to keep customers loyal.

According to Rocket News 24, Brasserie Beer Boulevard, near Tokyo’s Shinbashi Station, is located in a busy business district, and it has come up with a very clever way to get local office workers to stop by for a beer and keep coming back for the next 12 months.

The restaurant’s “One Year Passport” offer lets customers enjoy as many Asahi beers as they want for 12 months. There are no time limits or blackout days, but customers have to be willing to enjoy their beers in the bar’s standing space or sitting at the counter. The deal is just 29,800 yen for the year, or $282. That’s a fair bit of money, but according to Rocket News 24, a pint of Asahi in that neighborhood normally runs 500 yen, or $4.74, so after 60 beers the offer starts to pay for itself.


All-you-can drink offers are not uncommon in Japan, but they usually have a set timeframe of a couple hours. Brasserie Beer Boulevard’s version is basically guaranteed to turn its customers into regulars, at least for a year. And while the office workers are getting their unlimited drinks on, they’ll presumably be encouraged to try the restaurant’s sausages, pork chops, paella, mussels, and more. It sounds like a pretty good idea. Here’s hoping all-you-can-drink beer years become a trend that catches on everywhere.