Jamison Square Park

810 NW 11th Ave (NW Johnson St)
Portland, OR 97209



  • If you bring you young kids here, plan for them to get wet. Relax. Roll with it. They're kids.
  • Nice park with a lot of open sky. In summer there is a waterfall-type wading pool that the kids love, and we adult like the positive, happy kid energy.
  • Fun place to enjoy the sun.
  • Love the parents who let their infants in diapers enter the fountains as a brown ooze eases down the infants legs
  • Profitez de la fontaine pour vous rafrachir en t. Et admirez l le reste de l'anne.
  • The best park in Portland - Just a quick walk from Waterfront Pearl-
  • So much fun on a hot day when the fountain's on.
  • Bring your dog. Don't let it eat a small child, though
  • Just a quick walk from Waterfront Pearl -
  • Beautiful park but was here in winter. Will come back in summer
  • A nice waterfall fountain
  • Portland has some loose definition of the word "park." More of a public square & fountain, taking up a full block in the upper Pearl. Great NS loop streetcar access on either side of the block.
  • Worth the wait for the full fountain H2O cycle.
  • People watching and dog walking.
  • Excelente para los nios... Para un chapuzn
  • Sunny days bring flocks of kids. Don't even try to wade unless you are there to get wet.
  • This is a popular park in the Pearl
  • "Jamison Fountain", in Jamison Square (Pearl District), between NW 10th & 11th Avenues.
  • Fun in the sun
  • There's even now a public restroom on the corner.

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