Jamie Oliver Hopes You Eat Real Food

The British chef came up with the idea for Food Revolution Day

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has started a food revolution which includes educating children about proper eating and cooking techniques.

Jamie Oliver hopes you joined him for Food Revolution Day, his global cuisine crusade, last Saturday. On that day, that Oliver asked Americans to take time to stop and think about what they were eating. "We started Food Revolution Day to inspire people around to world to take a moment to celebrate real food," said Oliver.

The celebrity chef’s hope is that Food Revolution Day will become an annual event, helping educate, empower, and inspire people to stand up for better food education for children and to start eating real food. To celebrate the day, Oliver hosted his first ever live Google+ Hangout On Air, connecting with four food revolutionaries across the world for an interactive dinner and conversation. Some 488 cities signed on to host Food Revolution Day activities.

Food Revolution Day is part of Oliver’s greater campaign for better food in schools and to reverse unhealthy eating habits. The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation was established in 2011 to fight obesity and promote better dietary health through food education and cooking skills. Oliver’s efforts have used petitions, cooking classes, and community outreach programs to target, among other things, school lunches, chocolate and strawberry milk in school cafeterias, and the USDA.

"Whether in a cooking class, dinner party, farmers market tour, or just by choosing fresh food instead of processed, you are part of Food Revolution Day," said Oliver.