The James Beard Foundation Announces New Culinary Scholarships

From by Sarah Hollis
The James Beard Foundation Announces New Culinary Scholarships

The James Beard Foundation has announced an expansion of its National Scholars Program that will award ten educational scholarships and professional grants to candidates from the United States who wish to play a leadership role in food science, food studies/business, or the culinary arts and hospitality industries.

The Foundation was established in 1986 to pay tribute and continue the work of the late James Beard, a “pioneer foodie” whose passion for food and immersion in food culture paved the way for the food movements that have picked up speed in the United States and around the world in the last decade. The foundation continues to share Beard’s passion for food and cooking with innovative programs, events, and educational opportunities like the scholarship program.

The new scholarships join a robust collection of programs that support culinary education, dialogue, and publications forwarding culinary industries and the way that consumers and professionals experience food and the culinary arts.

The Foundation Scholarship Program was launched in 1991 to support aspiring and established professionals in the culinary field. It has awarded more than US$6.5 million in financial aid within the last 25 years.

"As today’s students explore virtually every educational discipline as viewed through the lens of food, we look forward to identifying the best and brightest applicants,” said Kris Moon, Vice President of the James Beard Foundation.

Applications for the scholarships will be accepted through May 15, 2016. For more information, or to apply, visit the James Beard Foundation’s website.

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