Jam Out to Julia Child, Auto-Tuned

Thanks to PBS for this very excellent mash-up

Sure, Rick Ross and other recording artists may have mentioned food in their lyrics, but none have actually sung about the act of cooking. Who better to take this on than Julia Child herself?

With a little help from remixer melodysheep and PBS (who also gave us that amazing Julia Child supercut), Julia Child gets the auto-tune treatment and starts singing about chocolate truffles, fresh salmon, and rolling out dough. It's food porn plus jammable beats plus completely sincere lyrics, all in one lovable Julia Child package titled "Keep on Cooking." And her advice? Still good as ever.  (Sample: "You need some fat in your diet for your body to process your vitamins," or "freshness is essential, that makes all the difference.")

Whip this tune out at your next dinner party (or while you're cooking in the kitchen for some inspiration) and randomly find yourself humming along to "Bon appétit." Happy birthday, Julia Child! Listen below.