Jack in the Box Testing Cronuts in California

A Reddit user found cronuts at a California Jack in the Box

A Reddit user found "croissant donuts" at a California Jack in the Box.

Dominique Ansel’s famous cronut might still be drawing lines in New York, but out in California diners have uncovered evidence that the high-end snack could soon be coming to the menu at the local Jack in the Box.

Reddit user WoundedFork posted a picture yesterday of a menu board advertising cinnamon and sugar “croissant donuts” for 89 cents apiece or three for $1.99.

“The Jack in the Box in my town has cronuts,” WoundedFork said. The mysterious cronut-dispensing Jack in the Box is reportedly located in Southern California, around North County. According to Foodbeast, the off-brand cronuts have been spotted for sale in at least one Jack in the Box unit in Ramona, Calif. As customers do not appear to be getting tired of the cronut any time soon, it seems likely that this test item is destined for a larger rollout in the future.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York is still the only place to get one’s hands on the official cronut, but if you do not live close enough to try the original in New York or the Jack in the Box version currently being tested, try our cronut recipe for a decent substitute at home without having to wait in line.