IU Student Recreational Sports Center

Gym, Gym, Rec Center
1601 Law Ln
Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 855-7772


  • Getting a personal trainer is awesome! A great way to have someone hold you accountable for working out on a regular.
  • YOU must come to try Carel's Cardio HIPPOP at least once! that's amazing
  • Cardio Kickboxing is fierce.
  • Dont worry, Basketball court 1 isn't just for Bball team. Try it out!
  • Dont just stare at the olympic size pool, actually give it a try! Its worth it!
  • WARNING: Temperature of the water fountain is directly related to the temperate outside. #learnedthehardway
  • Needs a sauna
  • Great place to workout just rememer to bring your ID
  • The SRSC pool are closed from July 6 to August 22.
  • Visit during Try It FREE Week to participate in classes that would cost you throughout the semester. This week occurs during the first week of every new IUB Academic semester.
  • If you've given up on the SRSC, give it another try...they doubled the size of their cardio room!
  • Use the secret bench press room downstairs! - Just kidding, wait like everyone else or just use dumbbells
  • Fun fact: Campus Protein was born right here in this gym! #letsgoIU
  • See a lot of Campus Protein tanks? Yeah we do too :)
  • Power strength and Boot camp with Jared are the best because they physically challenge your body.
  • Group exercise w Cara!! Over 10 yrs w SRSC & she's AWESOME!!!
  • Try Mary Anne's cardio core! This class is intense! If you want more "bang for your buck," this is your workout!! WARNING: you will be sore!
  • Great group exercise class. Free to join! Many good facilities suitable for everyone
  • Afraid of jumping into a cold pool? Swim laps in the diving pool and diversify your workout!
  • If you're not taking summer classes, gym memberships for the entire summer are only $50 for students. Best deal in town!

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