Pizza, Arcade, Entertainment
3035 New Center Pt
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
(719) 623-1550



  • Kids fun and good food; you can't go wrong! Unlike some other kids' fun/pizza places that I won't mention, the food is REALLY GOOD here. Also salads, pastas, desserts, etc.
  • Must buy a buffet to get in. A $25 dollar trip with the family turned into $50! Cool, clean place but what a rip off.
  • Military deal includes $5 in points for free.
  • Most of the games didn't spit out any tickets, others were just plain broken. Wasn't just an off day either, this has happened to us before. Prizes weren't all that great either.
  • Food wise It'z has Chuck E. Cheese beat. Buffet pizza here vs the single pizza you by at Chuck's. for games, It'z has more variety & "larger" games like bowling & rides like a small roller coaster.
  • Horrible for having a church service there. Not the greatest for sound systems
  • Seems like a rip off... since when do games cost a dollar?
  • It'z wasn't that bad definitely good to do the unlimited pass. Kids loved it food was good
  • Big rip off, it's nice and clean but for what your paying it better be. The buffet was practically empty to. Prizes not to great either, it's either something for a lot of points or a pencil.
  • This place is wayyy too expensive, especially because the cards lock you out every other minute & 80% of the games don't work right or just take your points. RIP OFF. Go to the Penny Arcade in Manitou

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