Candy Store
1211 Celebrity Cir #136
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 916-1300


  • DANGER, Will Robinson! Your Sugar Meter will exceed the overload limits!!!
  • Everyone will love this stop on the boardwalk! You can fill up a bag with current favorites or the candies you used to eat way back in the day. You can even design and make your own candy bar (20 mi
  • If you don't mind dental work, this is your spot...
  • This place is awesome! It even has it's own Wonka candy section!
  • It has a nice selection of retro candy that I love. A lot of quirky items kids and tweens would love. I just wish the chain had more Sugar Free options.
  • If you prefer your candy stores to serve up a side of inappropriate humor, this place is for you. Large selection, but be prepared to shoo your children away from certain candy racks.
  • Candy....candy....and more candy....the only kicker it's $12.95/lb.
  • What's not good about this place! My dentist will have a fielday with me after this visit! Lol
  • They have everything you could want
  • Go here if you Want or Need an Amazing sugar fix!!!
  • Lots of candy...can get expensive tho
  • A lot of the candies and chocolates that you can find at other grocery stores are way overpriced however unique items seem to be decent priced
  • Everything
  • I'm 25 and am in awe of this place. Massive candy bars and gummy bears everywhere! Has just about any candy you could ever want.
  • Yes it is sugar, and lots of it
  • It's like a dance club on sugar! Sweet!
  • Makes you feel like a kids again... Almost as fun as toys r us...
  • Amazing selection of big presents
  • This place is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Don't buy the huge sweet tarts...its fraud...not even a third of the package is in there

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