Italian Masterpieces: Where to Find the Best Artwork for Your Sicily-Inspired Home

Italian Masterpieces: Where to Find the Best Artwork for Your Sicily-Inspired Home

Italy has, without a doubt, some of the richest and most thought-provoking artwork. With Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello and Michelangelo paving the ground for centuries of beautiful artwork, it makes perfect sense that we line our homes with works inspired and created by Italians. Four mediums stand out above the rest when it comes to Italian art: paintings, sculpture, furniture and architecture. While renovating your home to reflect Italian architecture can be rather intensive, incorporating the other three is pretty easy. For those of you in and around New York City, the search is even easier.

doylePhoto Courtesy of Doyle New York

For true world-class paintings, Doyle New York auctions feature brilliant, classical pieces from Italy that would make magnificent additions to any home. For their Arts of Belle Époque auction held a few weeks ago, magnificent pieces including The Piano Recital by Luigi Cavalieri were on hand. Doyle also offers landscape paintings like the beautiful A Panorama di Pompei del Foro Cavile by Guiseppe Laezz.

Doyle New York, Auctioneers & Appraisers | 175 East 87th St., New York | 212.369.7526

excalibur bronzePhoto Courtesy of Excalibur Bronze

While Doyle often has Italian sculptures to bid on as well, we like the idea of having a custom sculpted piece for the home. That being the case, we recommend taking a trip to Excalibur Bronze. At this location, their talented staff of sculptors will hand-make anything you request with some of the highest quality and detail you could imagine. This of course includes replications and reimaginings from your favorite artists and their most beloved works.

Excalibur Bronze | 309 Starr St., Brooklyn | 718.366.3444

nella vetrinaPhoto Courtesy of Nella Vetrina

Nella Vetrina brings together the best of Italian classicism and modernity with an incredible collection of furniture fit to fill your home. With items ranging from highly conceptualized bathtubs to elegant Venetian chandeliers, Nella Vetrina's furniture selection is comprised of items that will make you fall in love with your home over and over again.

Nella Vetrina Showroom | 979 Third Ave. (D&D Building) Suite 814, New York | 646.415.9150