It’s Getting Hot in Here


They don’t call it the Boiler Room for nothing. Wander in on a busy Friday or Saturday night after 10, and this place is sure to be packed to the walls. Mix in a pool table, a decent jukebox, no cover, a fun crowd, and $3.75 well drinks all the way through closing, and it’s hard to find a better deal in the East Village. But it does get hot in here — really, really hot.

Squeeze your way in towards the bar on the left and the attentive bartenders are generally pretty quick to get your order. It’s best to keep it simple — vodka sodas, gin and tonics, SoCo lime, etc. — hesitate to order a martini, even. It’s rarely seen. Keeping it classy would kind of be missing the point, although that’s not to say that the crowd is gauche. It’s on the younger side without being fratty, and a good alternative to the posh (and older and more affluent) lounge scene in Hell’s Kitchen. The tunes aren’t really the standard gay bar fare either — although Gaga and Madonna make their cameos, it’s not limited to top 40 and anybody can transform the vibe with a dollar in the right slot.

All in all, it’s a decent dive bar with a good layout, and a great place to meet with friends or meet new ones. You won’t find anyone with attitude here, but that’s probably because they’re already on their fifth drink.