Introducing the New ICE + IBM Cookbook!

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Introducing the New ICE + IBM Cookbook!


Three years of research. Hundreds of hours in the kitchen. 65 groundbreaking recipes. Introducing Cognitive Cooking with Chef WatsonRecipes for Innovation from IBM and the Institute of Culinary Education.


This week, ICE was thrilled to host the first official press preview of recipes from the official Cognitive Cooking cookbook. Journalists from the fields of both food and technology gathered in our demonstration kitchen for a tasting menu infused with contemporary techniques, unexpected pairings and flavors from across the globe.

Introducing the New ICE and IBM Cookbook - Cover Dish - Bouillabaisse

Featuring recipes from the cookbook developed by ICE Chefs James Briscione and Michael Laiskonis, as well as mixologist Anthony Caporale, the tasting menu was expressly designed to challenge our everyday expectations of creativity in cooking. Have you ever imagined pairing prunes with cornichons? Adding chicken or veal stock to a cocktail? Combining the regional flavors of Cuba with the culinary traditions of Southern France? Our chefs have conquered all of these hurdles—and more—and were delighted to share the surprising, delicious results with our esteemed guests.