Introducing eTIPS Concessions 3.0: Online Alcohol Server Training Designed for Stadiums, Amphitheaters, and Festivals

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Introducing eTIPS Concessions 3.0: Online Alcohol Server Training Designed for Stadiums, Amphitheaters, and Festivals

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ARLINGTON, Va., March 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) today announced the release of eTIPS Concessions 3.0, a new and improved version of its online training and certification program specifically designed for stadiums, civic centers, arenas, and festivals.  Over 500,000 servers and sellers of alcohol have been certified in eTIPS since HCI released the online version of its program in late 2005.  eTIPS Concessions 3.0 improves the overall student experience through a newly designed HTML5 course, which provides increased stability, new features, and improved content. As an alternative to Flash, HTML5 technology provides a more effective way to deliver eTIPS courses on both computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

eTIPS 3.0 participants continue to view thought-provoking video clips and are asked to assess the needs of the customers from both a legal and alcohol-related perspective. The course provides participants with strategies for preventing alcohol sales to underage and/or intoxicated customers. The primary goal of the program is to build skills, instill confidence, and empower employees to step in to situations and ensure that alcohol is sold responsibly and legally. Employees and managers who participate are able to prevent sales to minors, recognize signs of intoxication, effectively intervene to prevent problem situations, and handle refusal situations with greater confidence. 

In addition to optimizing the eTIPS 3.0 courses for mobile devices, HCI has made several refinements based on feedback received from customers. Participants will find that the eTIPS 3.0 courses have a sharp new look, the videos are much larger and clearer, and the courses include downloadable Job Aids that can be used after the course has been completed. The Job Aids serve as a reference and reminders on customer service guidelines, behavioral cues, BAC, intoxication rate factors and other concepts.

eTIPS training is a self-paced, innovative approach to alcohol training.  The course allows alcohol sellers to obtain the training anywhere, anytime. "It is imperative that operators keep their customers safe, while protecting their employees, stores, and franchises from lawsuits.  By certifying their employees through eTIPS, large venues are proactively taking measures to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage sales.  In addition, stadiums, arenas, and festivals will improve customer service and demonstrate to the community that they are in the forefront when it comes to preventing alcohol sales to underage or intoxicated customers," remarked Adam Chafetz, President and CEO of Health Communications.    

In 35 years, HCI has certified over 5 million servers worldwide in the TIPS program.   There are TIPS-certified people in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and over 50 foreign countries.  TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is a classroom-based training program that gives servers and sellers of alcohol the knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems, and teaches them how to effectively intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies.  With eTIPS, that quality training is now available in both the classroom and online.   To learn more about eTIPS, visit  


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