Introducing The Daily Meal’s Travel Photo of the Day

Feast your eyes on this daily feature from our Travel channel

Various meats on sticks in the Hui Quarter of Xi'an, China.

Although eating inherently provides an ephemeral experience, photos (fortunately) help us capture an otherwise fleeting moment. Here at the Travel channel, we’re (re)jump-starting our Travel Photo of the Day feature to share our own best food and travel memories and we want your help!

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Do you have an iconic food shot of from some of your recent travels? Is it from a specific place, or is there a special story related to your travels behind it? Please share it with us and the rest of our readers!

In addition to being featured in its own post, the photo will also be added to our running Travel Photo of the Day slideshow. 

Just a couple of guidelines: the photo should show food in the context of traveling. In other words, a solo shot of a certain ingredient doesn’t always suggest travel. However, if it’s obviously at a market, then it qualifies. And nothing against serial phone "food-tographers," but we do request that your photo be a high-quality horizontal shot that is at least 670 pixels wide.

So, do you have a travel photo that you would like to share? Send it on over to lwilson[at]


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