An Intro to Italian Fashion Icons & Where to Buy Their Designs in NY

An Intro to Italian Fashion Icons & Where to Buy Their Designs in NY

Generation after generation, Italian designers continue to dominate the fashion world through inventive use of fabrics and an unmatched ability to create new trends. As a collection, Italian fashion houses are the most significant force in the world of luxury design. Individually, their styles range from sexy and wild to classy and glamorous. Since New York City is the fashion capital of the United States, the selection of Italian fashion icons to choose from is unparalleled across the country, as evidenced by the designers below.

Giorgio Armani

Having only made $14,000 in its first year operating in 1975, Armani is now earning more than $2 billion annually. That's all thanks to the initial steps laid out by the brand's founder and namesake Georgio Armani. Through dabbling with every aspect of fashion from skiwear to streetwear, Armani's timeless and elegant couture has landed him a spot as one of the world's most important fashion figures. In New York you can find Armani in many places, including major department stores. Their flagship on Fifth Avenue has also been repeatedly described as gorgeous, so do yourself a favor and pop in there too.

660 Madison Ave. | 212.988.9191

dolce & gabbanaPhoto Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana may have seen some issues lately, but that hasn't stopped the brand from being an absolute Italian fashion powerhouse. As a two-person designer team, Dolce & Gabbana offers a fusion of Mediterranean culture and elegance to create one of Italy's most recognizable international brands. The opening of their flagship on Fifth Avenue earlier last year included a lavish party and a guest list that included Gisele, Emilia Clarke and Kylie Minogue.

717 Fifth Ave. | 212.897.9653

pradaPhoto Courtesy of Prada
Miuccia Prada

The designer so good the devil wears her stuff, Miuccia Prada's influence on the fashion industry has been undeniably massive. Having only joined Prada in 1978, her practical overhaul of the brand's signature look has only strengthened the fashion house as a whole, through risky and unique designs. While Prada is traditionally a leather goods producer, her nylon handbags reinvigorated the company in 1985, and have since grown the designer's importance in the industry. The SOHO store location is in a fun area and in 2013 the flagship showcased an exhibit which featured a variety of costumes from The Great Gatsby (designed by Prada of course).

575 Broadway | 212.334.8888

cavalliPhoto Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

Offering a challenging amalgamation of rock 'n' roll influence with chic fashion, Roberto Cavalli has seemingly had no issue expressing himself through colorful prints across an array of materials. Since his first collection in 1972, Cavalli's presence as a masterful fashion designer has defied, confronted and destroyed traditional notions of good fashion by rightfully creating lines the people really want. The fashion house's location on Madison Ave. reopened last year, much to the delight of Upper East Side New Yorkers.

711 Madison Ave. | 212.755.7722