International Food Wedding Traditions

All around the world, brides and grooms are incorporating various foods into their big day

Turmeric is rubbed on the bride by guests at a traditional Muslim wedding.

While a three-tiered cake serves us just fine at a wedding, we’re pretty sure that’s not the end-all, be-all when it comes to tradition for some couples. 

Whether they incorporate something based on religion or ethnicity or just something that happens in your hometown or city, wedding days around the globe are seeing foods of all kinds. 

The once-standard American menu at a wedding consisted of beef, chicken, and a vegetarian option. However, that is not the case anymore — and the same goes for menus in other countries.

From Asia to Europe to Africa, not one food tradition is the same. Don’t look for hints here — head to our slideshow to check out customs might be worthy of consideration for your big day!