Idus de Vall Llach | Wine Review

A beautiful wine from a master Spanish vintner

Complex, bold, and concentrated.

The second impressive selection from the Vall Llach winery, located in the harsh Priorat region of Spain, is the vineyard’s Idus de Vall Llach 2009.

To ensure the essential Priorat character of this wine, Vall Llach purchases ancient vine Cariñena and Garnacha grapes from neighboring block vineyards and blends them with its own, newer Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes.

The result is alchemic: Vall Llach has produced a deeply colored, inky ruby red wine with luscious, complex flavors of cherry, plum, raspberry, and a hint of the light toast French oak barrels in which the wine has been aged for 16 months. Idus has a rich, full, silky mouthfeel and a soft-tannin lingering finish; it is a big, intense, wine.

Named for the Ides of March, the only thing a buyer may need to beware of is being thoroughly knocked out by the superb value — this is a lot of really well-made wine for the money.

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And although the winemakers advise that the 2009 Idus may be cellared for 30 years, this vintage is, in fact, ready to enjoy right now. It should be served a bit cool, 55 to 60 degrees C, and allowed to breathe one half hour before serving.