Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Theme Park
Echo Lake, Hollywood Studios (Walt Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32821


  • Scream Steve as he runs away from the boulder if you love Full House!
  • Go to the show's entrance and find the rope to the left that hangs over a well. Pull the rope.
  • Get here at least 30 minutes early to get a good seat.
  • Come here for a truly epic Indiana Jones tale. Great action with live stunts; don't miss this one.
  • Make sure everyone uses the restroom before taking your seat. You cant save seats and the entire experience can take an hour (waiting for the show to begin, preshow & actual show).
  • Watch out for the Live snakes that come out from under the seats on all odd numbered rows.
  • If you sit in the middle be prepared to scoot "all the way to the right" or "all the way to the left"
  • Excelente apresentao! Chegue cedo para um bom local e viva a experincia de participar da criao de uma aventura cinematogrfica do Indi...
  • Still better than the crystal skull ;)
  • O show excelente com vrios efeitos especiais e alguns sustos.
  • Tem que assistir! Otimo divertimento para toda a familia.
  • Be sure to run on stage during the performance, the crowd and performers love it!
  • Get there early, fills up quick!
  • Seats at the right front offer the best view!
  • Jump up and down and scream loud when she asks for extras it's really fun experience!
  • Get your seats about 30 mins early. Nice break after lunch to gear up for more walking afterwards
  • No. More 8:30 shows. Ever.
  • Get here at least half hour before start
  • Even tho the theatre is big, you still need to arrive about 30 min early to get good viewing seats.
  • Scream REAL LOUD!!!

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