Indiana Jones Adventure

Theme Park
Adventureland (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Watch out for snakes!
  • When ur inside in line and u see the well with the rope that says "DO NOT PULL ON THE ROPE" do me a favor...PULL THE ROPE!!! He falls...its awesome!
  • You seek my gifts, mortals? ... Only those who choose wisely will be granted my treasures! ...
  • In the room with the reel there's a hidden parking sign from the old structure where CA Adventure stands now.
  • Don't look in the eyez!
  • Definitely get a fastpass
  • Play along with the ride- you'll have more fun & other passengers will follow your lead!
  • I got stuck on this ride!
  • Singles line is the secret fast lane to the ride
  • While in line, after crossing through Bamboo Canyon, right before you get to the tiles with symbols on them, pull hard on the bamboo pole to the left. The ceiling drops!
  • The ball doesn't move at the end the room does! If you look back at that part you'll see it!
  • The forbidden temple doesn't get a cell signal.
  • When you get to the front of the room with the movie look back at the projector. There is an Eyore parking sign. This is because the ride wad built over that section of the old parking lot.
  • In the mummy room on the ride there is a skeleton with Mickey Mouse ears that says bones!
  • I've never gotten my treasure, eyernal youth, or knowledge of the future... Some yahoo always looks into the eyes of Mara...what a rip!
  • Look for the burning cross near the fire pit!
  • Some kid threw a candy apple at the boulder, it bounced off and hit someone, so Disney moved the boulder way back. Permanently. Thanks a lot, kid, you ruined a great ending.
  • The hieroglyphic-looking markings on the walls scattered throughout the Indiana Jones Adventure are actually called Maraglyphs. In the ride's early days, Cast Members handed out special decoder cards
  • Be sure to add Mara on your Twitter, mortals! @EyeOfMara... It is your destiny!
  • Okie Dokie Dr. Jones hold on to your potatoes.

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