India Jones Chow Truck

Food Truck, Indian
Los Angeles, CA 91311


  • The Lamb Frankie... OMG gooooood! :)
  • Yummy!!!! Everything is good!
  • Try the garlic naan! The fish curry was nice and flaky but a bit too dry and lacking something in taste.
  • Get the Frankie's!
  • Samosas are a tad greasy...but still soooo good!
  • The Frankies are the bomb...light and tasty, yet filling. One is definitely not enough though
  • What you should get:The butter chicken curry is a crowd favorite, but for a vegan option try the veggie samosas.
  • Maybe I got it on an off day.. I thought the food was no better than trader Joes frozen Indian food.
  • If you are looking for a fast food truck experience this is it. Very short waits!
  • It's been said, but you really should get the butter chicken. And I say that as a lamb-lover who almost never orders chicken. The lamb is good, but not AS good.
  • Get the Frankie extra spicy with lamb!
  • Got a Frankie x butter chicken combo. Yum!
  • Butter chicken and garlic naan. Boom.
  • Get the lamb Frankie.
  • When you see everyone at the music Fest w checkered wraps... And people getting back in line with wraps in their hand... You get the Frankie
  • The lamb Frankie is awesome!!
  • Chef Sumant and the IJCT team know how to do Indian. The frankies are delicious, yes- but be adventurous and try the Mango Ribs. You won't be disappointed.
  • Their paneer has plenty of flavor and a nice, firm texture.
  • 'Frankies' are really Kati Rolls, but pretty good nonetheless!
  • Butter chicken. That's all.

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